The Privilege of Burdens

Being involved in the most intimate aspects of the lives of people who live in the Saki Naka community is a privilege with chains attached to our heartstrings. We feel their pain, eat their food sitting cross-legged in their homes, attend birthday celebrations and mark births and deaths in this slum community that bulges with despair and happiness, not always in equal measure. We debate whether we did the right thing or the wrong thing, not enough or too much. We sometimes struggle with the responsibility that comes when someone hands us the right to decide what is best for them in their darkest hours. The following stories are but a few of the issues and problems we share with the Saki Naka


We spend a lot of time in Saki Naka laughing, playing, celebrating and enjoying small moments of pure joy with the kids and families we know so well. It helps to spend so much time with children who find joy everywhere. If there is a puddle, they will find a piece of wood or styrofoam to float on the puddle. If there are crayons they will use them to the very end. If there is one small cake to celebrate a birthday everyone gets a few crumbs. Despite the immense hardships of living in a few square feet of space, parents still demand the best of their children, most have loving spouses, and families celebrate the small moments that define the big ones. Life in Saki Naka is hard, but playing, s

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