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Kerosene Curry Cookbook

It’s the layering of ingredients, the slow process of building flavour by making onions sweat and garlic sing in the pan before spices are added one by one; the heat melding the components into a heady mix of smell and taste that make Indian food taste like no other cuisine. This book is about cooking with heart in a slum in Mumbai with the beautiful, soulful women who allowed me into their tiny one-room homes to watch and participate in the process of making authentic dishes learned from their mothers or aunties. Their lives are complicated, uncomfortable and difficult but they also celebrate often and gather together in grief and joy. Lives in a slum are lived out loud and food is shared and revered. The book is an ode to them and a gift to anyone who wants to make real Indian food with heart. The profits from this book go directly to the Dirty Wall Project to help put the women’s children or their neighbour’s children in school. 


Price: $30.00

Shipping: Extra


Yam Magazine's review of Kerosene Curry

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