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Medical Needs

We always require funds. That’s how we get things done like taking 8 year old Roshni to the doctor when she fell ill with malaria and typhoid, or keeping Hema on kidney dialysis, or paying doctor’s fees for malnourished children and then buying them supplements and nourishing food for their moms to cook.


School Fees

Every year we pay school fees on behalf of parents who can’t pay so their kids can attend school and become literate in Marathi, Hindi or English. This will allow them a future with possibilities instead of dead-ends and endless poverty. Forty-seven kids attended school in 2013/2014 because of donations to the Dirty Wall Project. $125 will put a child in school for a year. 


Large Projects

Using Dirty Wall Project funds, an area formerly used as a garbage dump was cleaned and renewed, providing jobs for locals in the community by paying them to haul garbage, rocks and tree roots. This space is now used for play, celebrations, community events or a place to sit outside of the cramped homes and laneways. (See here)



How can you help?

Raising funds is never easy but it can be fun. If you are thinking about helping the Dirty Wall Project, we can send you any information you need and we will make sure you are informed about what we do with your hard-earned funds. You can tell us what you want us to do with the money. See here for some inspiring examples about people connecting with the slum community one on one and how they (they should be they’ve) helped families with school fees, food or giving the gift of a day of play.  We can involve and engage your school, your kids, you, your company, a little or a lot. A well-timed Skype meeting gives donors a chance to talk to locals and view the Saki Naka community in real time. Don’t have time to host a fundraiser? A single $5 donation goes a long way. 



Walk With Us

If you really want an up close and very personal account of how your donation is being used, consider joining us in Mumbai.  (If you can’t join us in person we can arrange a Skype meeting and give you a real time view of the community while having conversations with locals.) Having direct contact with those you have decided to help is profound for both parties. It’s a mutual exchange of giving and receiving with huge rewards for everyone involved.We will take you to the community where you will be introduced to families and you will be invited in for chai.  There is always a chance there will be a celebration to witness or a birthday to attend. You will be involved in whatever goes on which could include trips to a hospital, home visits to assess whether help is needed, paying school fees in the Saki Naka area or taking rickshaw rides through Mumbai on errands. Wearing someone else’s shoes, despite how uncomfortable the fit might be, is sometimes the best way to comprehend what poverty feels like. Email us for details.


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