Two Girls - Two Gifts

Kai-Li and Suman’s lives couldn’t be more different or more similar. Both girls are pre-teen, precocious, curious, beautiful, innocent, lively and intelligent. They both love to work with their hands to create trinkets, make doll clothes and paint and draw. They both have parents who work hard and want their daughter to grow up in a secure, safe, engaging environment with a future full of possibilities. Suman lives in Saki Naka, Mumbai, with her parents and her two younger brothers in a slum community, in a hut with walls of torn blue tarp tied with twine to scavenged bamboo poles. (see here) The hut sits on the scar of a previous home on a bed of rubble left over from the recent demolition

50 Kids Project

A brand new website just in time for the launch of our latest art show in Vancouver! The old website that was cut and pasted together over DWP's first 4 years has finally been put out to pasture. A huge thanks goes out to Salomeh Jalali for donating her time, energy and talent to bring DWP back up to date. DWP is excited to announce its newest initiative the “50 Kids Project”! Joining forces with our partner the Lost + Found Cafe in Vancouver we are looking to sponsor 50 children’s school fees for the upcoming school year in Mumbai. Lost + Found is currently hosting DWP’s latest art exhibition which includes 40 vintage Bollywood posters from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s plus a large gallery of

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