MORE PHOTOS Six year old Suman worked at scratching shapes and lines on the metal pipe with a piece of cold charcoal from a lane way fire. Her baby sister Nandini and her two year old brother Prem sat nearby playing with rocks. As I rushed by I took a quick backward glance and saw Suman dangling Nandini by one arm over the perch they were sitting on. I backed up half a step as Suman’s grasp on Nandini gave way and I awkwardly grabbed Nandini while shifting my bag to accommodate her little body against mine and continued on my way. Suman and Prem followed close behind holding on to my pant leg. Another morning in the slum was about to begin. I feel at home in this community and I am used to

Kum Kum is missing.

MORE PHOTOS My feet pounded the pavement as my eyes frantically searched the roadway. I stopped abruptly when I saw a young child dressed in orange clothing, and then I moved on in frustration. My heart was racing as I quickened my pace, picking and dodging my way across a busy, chaotic intersection. I had been running for three kilometers, my shirt was drenched and my mind was racing. I looked down a side street and saw a busy market area with throngs of local shoppers and my heart sank. I put my hands on my head and thought the unthinkable. She was last seen over an hour ago and we were quickly running out of time. The day seemed to have a cloud hanging over it from the beginning but I w

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